Stpe by step help to do a local visa transfer in Bahrain

Foreign employee’s permit or visa should still valid.

Local Transfer is possible with or without the consent of the current (old) employer, but transfer without consent is depending on the case.

If you want to transfer the visa without the consent of the old employer, the employee must completed minimum 1 year (12 months) with the old employer or company.

New employer can apply for the local transfer, but the old (current) employer should approve the "Approve Transfer From Your CR" option with the employee CPR number by logging in their LMRA EMS system.


Instead of Allow Mobility, the current(old) employer can provide a "No Objection Letter" to the employee to transfer visa.
In that case, new employer can attach this NOC with his visa application documents.

Once the local trasfer has been done, the old employer would be credited with the unused remaining period of the
work permit as a “credit note” in the LMRA EMS system.

Expired permits or visa can not possible to transfer locally. They should apply as "New Work Permit"

Documents Required for Visa Local Transfer:

♦  A copy of the passport of the employee (Pages 1 and 2)
♦  CPR copy of the employee
♦  Copy of the Job Offer Letter
♦  Copy of the Agreement or Contract (in arabic) between employee and the employer.

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