To know your visa or residence permit valid or not

You can check whether your visa or residence permit is currently valid or invalid through Bahrain.bha, the official website of the Government of Bahrain. Follow the steps given below.

Step 01:
Open website in your browser.

And then select the website language as ENGLISH. You can see it on the top side of the website.

Then you can see the webpage as shown in the image below.

Type "Recidency permit" or "visa status" in the search box and click on the SEARCH button.


Step 02:
Now you can see a list of services as mentioned in the image.

Click on "Residency Services" as marked in the below image


Step 03:
Select "Specific Residency"

Secondly, select "Bahraini Personal Number"

Enter your CPR number and Passport number

And then click on Search button

Then it will show a one line details just below the search button.

Which contains a PDF file with your residency permit details.
There you can see the option to download it, and an option to send it to your email.


1. Residency Certificate: Click on this PDF symbol and see your Residency Certificate

2. Download the certificate as a PDF file

3. Send your Residency Certificate to an email id

Click this below link to visit website

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