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What to do get new electricity and water connection

If you move to a new flat, be it on rent or as a new owner, the electricity and water connection should be transferred to your name. Only by doing this change you will get a new connection.
Here are the things you need to do for this.

Step 01: Collect the Application
♦  Collect your rental or lease agreement from the building owner.
♦  Download the EWA Service Request application form the EWA website.
Or you can download the EWA allication form here also. Download EWA Allication

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Step 02: Submit your request
First of all install Skiplino app on your mobile. Image
Through this application you can fill the details of connection and attach the required documents as mentioned below.
♦   CPR card reading or a copy of CPR Front & Back Sides (Owner/Tenant)
♦   Lease Agreement Copy (if you are a tenant)
♦   Lease agreement registration receipt (if you are a tenant you need to register your lease agreement in themunicipality through website) Here is the link for the Lease agreement registration: LINK TO REGISTER LEASE AGREEMENT
Please note that municipality will charge BD 5/- and BD 10/- respectively for residencial and commercial units.
♦   If you are a new owner, then ownership deed or any other official ownership documents should be submit.
♦   Bank statement with the IBAN account number.
♦   Owner and the tenant must settled the arrears if any.
♦   A photo of the electricity and water meter of your unit.

Step 03: Security Deposit Payment for EWA Connection
Single Phase - BD 100/-
Three Phase - BD 300/-

Estimated duration to get connection:
In case of reconnection request, the service will be activated within 24hrs of registration and payment of security deposit.

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