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We designed this website to include some useful things that expats living in Bahrain need in their daily lives.

Job vacancies can be published for free and viewed by others.

You can sell your used goods and yes you want to buy second hand goods through this website very easily.

We have also included detailed information on major hospitals, clinics, health centers and embassies of other countries in Bahrain with their phone numbers.

It includes all the restaurant names, location, contact numbers etc. of all the restaurants in Bahrain for you to enjoy delicious food.
Along with that, short descriptions of the tourist destinations in Bahrain have been added for tourists coming to Bahrain as well as for those living here.

Another feature of this website is the "community blog" pages. It explains each and every thing in detail and step by step with pictures. That is, how to get a new electricity connection, how to renew your driver's license, how to apply for a Visita visa, how to transfer to another company, how to renew your CPR card, how to check the validity of your visa, etc.

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